Deidre Brose

Growing up I was always rounding up neighborhood kids so I could be the teacher as we played school. This love merged with my passion for dance, and by age 15 I was teaching several classes on my own. I continued that pursuit through college, while studying Early Childhood Education. For 25 years I ran a dance studio in Santa Cruz, CA with my mentor. After moving to Athens in 2007, I began teaching classes at Gymboree Play & Music, while also managing the business. Several families brought their children to a program at my house after the recession closed Gymboree. This is my second year here at Live Oak, where I look forward to each day. Coming up with creative and exciting ways to share knowledge with the 3 year old class is so much fun! Their curiosity and enthusiasm is contagious.

Rachel Hulett

I began working at Live Oak Morning School as a preschool teacher in the two year old class in August 2014. I’ve been working with children since 2010. I have a degree in Child Psychology from Middle Georgia State College. I discovered Live Oak and believed it was a great fit for me.

Ora Kilgore

One of the rewards of being a preschool teacher is laying the foundation for the joy of learning. I truly love being an important part of making their environment safe, stable and nurturing. Working with children in one of their early learning experiences and creating learning opportunities in the classroom is a pleasure. My passion for teaching preschool has led me to attain a degree in child development. Since 1998 I have been working at Live Oak Morning School. Currently, I am teaching in the three's Preschool Class. My favorite thing about Live Oak is getting to know the families we serve.

Nneka McClure

This is my first year teaching at Live Oak Morning School. My family just relocated from Savannah, GA. I love Children and I have two young sons. I love working with four and five year olds. I enjoy helping them develop. I love their creative imaginations and their enthusiasm for learning. I have two BS degrees in Early Childhood Education and Psychology. I have been teaching Pre-K for over nine years. I have taught Pre-K in a childhood learning center, a private school, as well as the Georgia bright from the start lottery Pre-K program. I am looking forward to an exciting fun-filled school year at Live Oak Morning School.

Savannah Smith

When I was three years old I attended Preschool at Live Oak Morning School. I still have many fond memories of my teachers and all of the fun that we had. Over the years I kept in touch with Miss Elaine and when a position opened up I was excited to come back to Live Oak! I began working at Live Oak in 2011. I worked as an MMO teacher for a year and a half then I moved over to the three's Preschool class. The three's are so much fun because they are very eager to learn and are full of positive energy! Children are all different and I love building new relationships with every single one of them.

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