A Great Beginning to a Lifetime of Learning

Live Oak Morning School's Preschool Program, "Beginnergarten," prepares children from two to four years old for all elements of Kindergarten. It is our belief at Live Oak Morning School that all children develop at their own special rate. The school's emphasis is on helping your young child gain a positive self-concept and establish a strong foundation for future growth. By acknowledging that most preschool children are in the sensory motor stage of cognitive development and benefit from a variety of experiences in a safe, nurturing environment, Live oak Morning School helps children reach their fullest potential. To find out more about the Live Oak Morning School Philosophy, download the "Live Oak Philosophy" document on our home page.

School Hours and Class Assignments

School is in session from 8:50 a.m. until noon, closely following the Athens-Clarke County School System schedule. There are a few options for class selection, shown below.

Young Two-year-olds, (children who turn two after Sept. 1, but before Jan. 1)
- Friday

Two-year-olds (three classes to choose from)
- Monday and Wednesday
- Tuesday and Thursday
- Monday, Wednesday and Friday
- Monday through Friday

Three-year-olds (three classes to choose from)
- Tuesday and Thursday
- Monday, Wednesday and Friday
- Monday through Friday

Four-year-olds (two classes to choose from)
- Monday, Wednesday and Friday
- Monday through Friday

**A child entering the program should be two, three or four years old by Sept. 1 of the school year, depending on the class selected.**

Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch is offered Monday - Friday from noon - 1:00 p.m. for Preschool students There is a small additional fee for Lunch Brunch.



Fully Accredited Curriculum

Live Oak Morning School's educational program emphasizes growth in language, pre-reading, math, science, music, art, motor develoment and social concepts. Because Live Oak believes all children develop at their own rate, we have chosen a developmental curriculum for our program. This means your child will participate in activities and be evaluated in the following developmental areas:

Cognitive - pre-reading, math, science, social studies and concept development

Language - self-expression

Socialization - learning one's place in a group

Creative - creative expression through art, music and movement

Motor - large and small muscle development

Special Events

Throughout the school year your child will participate in field trips, class parties and special school-wide events, such as, Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Program, Holiday Parties, Celebration of the Week of the Young Child, Field Day, Art Show (three-year-olds) and Circus Graduation Program (four-year-olds).

Teachers and Staff

Led by Elaine Hale, director and founder of Live Oak Morning School, teachers take pride in providing the best preschool experience for children. Much consideration goes into selecting a well qualified staff to implement the school's carefully planned program. Those selected are highly qualified and enjoy educating children. Live Oak Morning School teachers are:

- Certified and/or workshop trained
- Skilled in the latest trends in preschool education
- Members of GPA, AAAYC, GAYC and NEAYC

Download the registration form and the Information Page to learn more or call 706-546-0669 for registration information or to schedule a classroom tour.


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