How Live Oak Morning School Got its Name

The school is named for the live oak tree which stands on the First Baptist Church property. Like this wonderful tree, which just happens to be Georgia's state tree, Live Oak Morning School is sheltering, strong, growing and lively with the enthusiasm of children.

Established in 1976, Live Oak Morning School has demonstrated the qualities of endurance and strength which symbolize the tree.

After 20 years of educating children as Beech Haven Play School, the school moved to its new home at First Baptist Church in 1997 and with its new home, obtained its current name, Live Oak Morning School. While location and name have changed over the years, the traditions and integrity of the school and its mission have remained strong and grounded, just like the live oak tree, under the continued guidance and vision of director and founder, Elaine Hale.

Known as Miss Elaine to the children, and to many of the parents who attended Live Oak when they were children, Miss Elaine's passion for and deep dedication to the quality education and rearing of children is evident through the 37 years she has spent as director of the school.

Miss Elaine and the entire staff at Live Oak Morning School would like the opportunity to get to know you and your precious children. For a tour of the school and more information about enrollment, please contact Miss Elaine at (706) 546-0669. We look forward to watching your "little acorn" grow into a "mighty oak."




Live Oak Morning School is accredited through the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC).

For more information about the standards, curriculum and guidelines set forth by GAC, please visit its website .


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